Quiet Air Conditioning: The Pros of Ductless Systems

ductless systems

Trying to get some sleep on a warm summer night isn’t easy. You might toss and turn for a bit before getting a glass of water or changing to a lighter blanket in hopes of getting your 8 hours a night. These half-measures won’t be enough when the humid air outside is up to the 30-degree mark though. But have you heard of ductless systems?

If you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning in Toronto and the GTA, you may be thinking about just turning it up overnight. This popular option comes with a few pitfalls though like higher bills or added noise. Luckily, there’s ductless to save the day. So let’s take a closer look at just what makes this system an increasingly popular choice with Torontonians.

Turn Down The Noise With A Quiet Air Conditioning System

Some of us can seemingly sleep through the end of the world. A parade could go through your living room without you even rolling over in the middle of the night. If this is you, you’re lucky. For most people, it can be hard to get to sleep, and harder still to stay that way. That’s why it’s so important to not have any added noise to disturb your slumber.

Ductless systems are a quiet air conditioning solution. They are smaller than traditional central systems and work only as hard as they need to when cooling your home. The interior unit is often quiet enough that you’ll forget you have it on, while the outdoor compressor is subtle enough that it could be right outside your bedroom window without bothering you.

Traditional systems tend to be obvious and more audible as they are built to cool your entire home. This means they need to work longer and harder to push cooler air through existing ductwork and vents in your home. Worst of all, they aren’t designed to operate at multiple speeds, so when it’s on, it’s on full blast – making it noticeably louder.

You might be thinking that a standard window model might be a good solution for quiet air conditioning but anyone who’s had one already knows how much of a raucous they can be. So if peace and quiet are what you’re after, consider having a ductless system installed for those sticky summer months. They can also provide heating as well for winter months. And don’t worry if you have a furnace or central air conditioner because ductless is designed for spot heating and cooling for only those problem areas of your home that need help with getting to the right temperature.

Boiler Mart Knows Quiet Air Conditioning All Too Well

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