Slant Fin – Minitron Series Electric Boilers

Slant Fin Boilers

Electric: 240 or 208-volt single-phase, 208 volt three-phase
System: Hot Water
Capacity: 8 kW (27,301 Btuh) to 20 kW (68,253 Btuh)

North America’s Best Built Electric Boiler

The Slant/Fin Minitron electric boiler is the smart choice as a heat source for virtually any hydronic heating system when another fuel is not available, or when a back-up for other heating equipment is desired.

Although rated in kilowatts, it is clearly identified by BTU output. Minitron is particularly suited for commercial and industrial facilities or office buildings that can’t risk downtime with their existing heating equipment. If oil or gas is temporarily unavailable, the owner easily switches the heating system to the electric boiler.

  • 5 sizes – 8 to 20 KW
  • One piece cast-iron heat exchanger
  • Internal baffles improve heat transfer
  • Compact, easy to install
  • Minimal maintenance
  • UL listed ASME certified
  • EM-10 Electronic boiler control

The availability of electricity with the comfort and performance of hydronic heating

Designed with features for dependable performance, the Slant/Fin Minitron boiler combines the convenience of electricity with the comfort of hydronics. Trouble-free operation and long life are ensured. The compact, wall-hung Minitron electric boiler is easy to install for primary or standby installations. A chimney is not required. The boiler works with virtually any baseboard, convector or radiant heating system, providing all the comforts of modern hydronics.

Reliable cast-iron heat exchanger

Minitron is built with high quality, one-piece, cast-iron heat exchanger. Internal baffles improve heat transfer by directing water flow along the full length of each heating element. A built-in air eliminator improves performance. Minitron electric boilers are so reliable, they are backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

EM-10 electronic control saves energy, optimizes comfort

Built-in circuit breakers permit the Minitron boiler to be operated at incremental capacities to closely match the boiler’s heat output to the building’s need for heat.