Lochinvar – Knight Fire Tube Gas Boilers

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Consistency in features and benefits across the KNIGHT Fire Tube Boiler family makes it easier to install and service no matter what model you choose.

Recent upgrades keep KNIGHT at the head of the class, allowing it to continue to lead the charge as the industry-leading high-efficiency residential boiler. Available in 13 models and more adjustable parameters than any other competitor, KNIGHT is the most flexible residential boiler you can install.

  1. Universal Vent Connectors
    Allows for easy installation of multiple vent materials.
  2. Fire-Tube Heat Exchanger
    Low pressure drop saves on pump operation costs and provides installation flexibility, while stainless steel fights corrosion.
  3. ECM Variable Pump
    ECM pump technology saves electricity and lowers operating costs. Variable speed pump is now standard equipment on all WHB and KHB boilers.
  4. 10:1 Modulation Turndown
    Saves money on fuel costs.
  5. Electrical Outlet
    Comes with a built-in 110V AC convenience plug. Use this handy standard feature to power your lighting or installation equipment—or for powering the condensate pump.
  6. Loch-N-Link® USB Programming
    Allows for saving of parameters onto a USB drive for use at a different job site.
  7. Installation Flexibility
    Top and bottom water connection for the WHB. Top and left side utility connections for the KHB for easy retrofitting, such as a cast iron efficiency upgrade.
Model NumberMax Input (MBH)Min Input (MBH)*AFUE %Heating Capacity MBHNet AHRI MBHABCDEFGHIJKGas Conn.Water Conn.Air InletVent SizeShip. Wt.