Buderus – Commercial Cast Iron Boilers Logano G515

commercial boilers
  • Clean combustion through low combustion chamber loading
  • Reliable operation without shunt pump and return temperature control through Thermostream technology
  • Suitable for operation with B5 Oil, natural gas, LPG
  • Easy installation of third-party burners with the aid of predrilled burner plates
  • The G515 has high combustion efficiencies – 88% on oil and 85.5% on gas

Advantages at a Glance

  • Eliminates the need for bypass loop or shunt pump.
  • Eliminates hot and cold spots in the boiler
  • Minimizes thermal stresses in each section
  • Allows operation at low return water temperatures without thermal shock concerns
  • Minimum supply temperature of 122° F with standard control.
  • Ensures balanced water flow through all boiler sections


  • Maintain minimum 122º F supply temperature with standard high-temperature controls during burner operation within 10 minutes after burner starts up
  • No additional requirements for firing with 2-stage or full modulation burners (gas or oil)
  • No minimum return water temperature and no minimum flow requirement
  • Boiler(s) shall not require return water temperature control or minimum flow condition