How To Clean Your Ductless Air Filter

ductless air filter

Owning a home is great but comes with a lot of “learning on the job” too. From hanging your TV on the wall to unclogging a drain, it can seem pretty daunting at just how much there is to do sometimes. The good news is that there are so many DIY videos and online resources out there to help you through some of the basics. Today’s lesson is all about how to simply and efficiently clean your ductless air filter on your air conditioner.

Keeping these clear of dust and debris will enable your system to last longer without working harder. That means fewer repair bills and more money in your pocket.

Clean Your Ductless Air Filter

Removing The Front Cover

Before starting any type of cleaning, it should be noted that this will require you to open your ductless unit. So be sure that the system is switched off before you begin.

There are only a few steps to handling this job yourself. The first is removing the front panel from your interior ductless unit. This part is quite straightforward and only requires a step ladder or chair to climb up onto. Once you are facing your ductless system, locate a latch, button, or lever along the side to release the front protective panel. Once you do that, press or pull down to remove the cover safely and set it on the ground.

Clean Your Ductless Air Filter

Washing By Hand Or Vacuuming   

The second step is getting back on the chair to remove the air filters. These are quite easy to identify as they look similar to the lint trap in your dryer. The air filters should be slightly curved and covering the interior mechanisms of your ductless system. You should be able to remove them by popping them right out or sliding them depending on your model. Give both a try without being too forceful and bring them over to your sink to rinse them clean. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum to clean any debris from your filters without removing them at all.

Once they are clean, return them to their original position and pop the front cover back in place.

After You Clean Your Ductless Air Filter, Call Boiler Mart For Annual Maintenance

Our experienced team has more than 30 years of HVAC experience, so rest assured that your system will need professional maintenance from time to time. Give us a call at 416-477-4812 to learn more or book a technician. With proper maintenance, your ductless system can last much longer before you need to replace it. Clean air filters go a long way but having a professional take a proper look can help keep it running smoothly for years to come.